Friday, 2 June 2017

I feel the need - the need for speed

Business trips to Newcastle. They are so boring and laughs are few and far between. After the excitement of a 5 hour train journey is over you find yourself sitting on the bed with a lukewarm Pot Noodle and a packet of wine gums. The only entertainment I have is flicking though media packages and perusing the DVD covers of the movies that I daren’t pay per view for the shame of having to settle up the next day in reception. 

So one of the things I like to do to alleviate the boredom happens way back at the start of the journey – filling in the Accommodation booking form. Boring enough I grant you. But there is always that little box at the end that most of you probably just skip right past without giving it any thought. Think again amigos – this is a rhapsody between your imagination and the reciprocation of the hotel staff. It also serves to determine whether or not the hotel staff actually read your special requests.

Most of the time they are ignored but ever so occasionally as my hand opens the door with trembling anticipation, a gem is revealed and you are justly rewarded for your efforts. My heart gives out a little “Yay!” and a leaping high five. (Back of the net!)

The most highly recommended Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle - I salute you and your wonderful staff.


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